Give a false belief that somebody is around

Most thieves exude neighborhoods searching for foreclosed homes or homes whose occupants are off for some time. Thus, when you are gone, use automatic timers to turn off your security lights at the right times. This makes burglars feel that somebody is at the house.

Display yard signs

Although yard signs may not prevent distressed burglars from entering your home, they can discourage intruders since they pass the message you have a functional alarm system and that all intruders are monitored. Upon seeing lawn signs, most thieves will think twice before entering your home because they will realize that they might be caught.

Hide all wiring

Among the initial things thieves do is finding any wires dangling on the outside of your house and disconnecting them so as to disable all safety apparatus. Thus, hide your home safety wires as a smart move to prevent this.

Install a home surveillance program automatic door opener toronto

Possessing a home surveillance system which comprises both observable and hidden security cameras is just another very good security measure. While observable cameras indirectly warn intruders that you are watching every move they make, the concealed ones will be best for recording intrusion footage, and they help monitor intruders in cases when the observable cameras are destroyed.

Use inside door hinges

Intruders can quickly remove the hinge pins and earn entrance into your home if your doorways have their hinges on the exterior. Therefore, reset all of your hinges so that they cannot be tampered with from the outside.

Subscribe to an alarm monitoring service

Alarm monitoring services connect your alarm system to a central monitoring centre. If your alarm goes off, then the sound is relayed to the monitoring center, which immediately contacts and dispatches the police to your house within a couple of minutes.